E-currency or electronic currency is an electronic cash that makes it feasible for online transactions to take place. Electronic currencies are the online payment options that have made sending and receiving instant transfers become feasible from one person to the other or to company in different parts of the globe. With tight security measures, online payments became safer for everyone but, it still helps to apply caution when making a transaction or even selecting a currency exchange service.


E-currencies are breaking borders and made it possible for individuals across the world to make transactions and the payments are so instant without having dealing with long processing delays such as it would be with traditional banking services. Currencies may be used for various purposes including e-commerce, charitable donations, payments, payrolls and even person to person payments. While there are countless of service providers, you have to be extra careful with exchange service that you've chosen to have the best experience in handling online payment systems.


Number 1. Don't be in rush to trust the e-currency exchange service - keep in mind that even with convenience of online transactions, there are still many frauds in the internet that can't be ignored. Last thing you want is to end up with fake exchange website so by that, take your time before trusting a service provider. Try to find out as much as you can with the provider and then read reviews so you won't be wasting your money on fraudulent service.


Number 2. Compare rates - this does not mean that you settle for rates that are too low but, you also don't like to see yourself wind up with a service that's offering high rates either. By using rate comparison websites from, you will be able to tell the rates that are reasonable and something that you can settle from. These comparison websites that are so helpful as they are summarizing all necessary info on most trusted currency exchange services and making use of such makes it easier to choose the best service provider for you.



Number 3. Try and exchange big sum of money - it might seem risky if you're just beginning but the truth is, higher amounts of money is attracting less commission and this only means you can make savings. You may check any discount offers depending on the transacted amount so by that, you can time when you should make transactions and make the best gains for dollar to rand.